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Buy this shotgun and get a FREE Rock Island Armory TM22 Feather 22 LR 18" Barrel TM22DB

The Rock Island Armory VR70 is a high-quality tactical shotgun designed for home defense. This 12-gauge shotgun features a 20" smooth bore barrel and a 5-round capacity, ensuring reliable firepower when you need it most. The shotgun boasts a gas operating system, providing smooth cycling with each round fired. The brown and black synthetic stock gives it a robust and modern aesthetic. The flip up front and rear sights aid in quick and accurate target acquisition. Overall, the Rock Island Armory VR70 is a reliable and durable shotgun that provides both functionality and efficiency in critical situations. 


The VR70 is engineered for rapid and reliable performance in high-stress situations. It's gas-operated system ensures smooth and consistent operation, while the ambidextrous safety provides versatility for both left and right-handed shooters. The shotgun comes with an adjustable cheek rest on the stock, allowing for a comfortable and customized fit for the shooter. The flip-up front and rear sights allow for quick target acquisition, and the 3" chamber enables the use of a variety of 12-gauge ammo.

The VR70 features a fixed synthetic stock that is resilient in adverse conditions, and the smooth bore barrel ensures reliable shot patterns. Included are two magazines and three chokes (F,M,IC), providing versatility for different shooting scenarios.


  • Brand: Rock Island
  • Model: VR70
  • Category: Tactical Shotguns
  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Capacity: 5+1
  • Stock Material: Synthetic
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • OAL: 40"
  • Hand: Right
  • Sights: Flip Up Front & Rear
  • Chamber: 3"
  • Application: Home Defense
  • Chokes Included: F,M,IC
  • Includes: 2 Magazines
  • Safety: Ambidextrous
  • Stock Description: Fixed w / Adj Cheek Rest
  • Barrel Description: Smooth Bore
  • Barrel Length: 20"
  • Length of Pull: 14.50"
  • Max Capacity: 5
  • Weight: 7.30 lbs
  • Stock Finish: Brown / Black
More Information
MANUFACTURER Rock Island Armory
TYPE Semi Auto Shotguns
UPC 812285028774



We cannot ship this item to the following states: Washington, Illinois, New York, California, and New Jersey. Some states do not allow one or both of these guns.

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Rock Island Armory
Model: VR70
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 812285028774-TM22DB
UPC: 812285028774
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (32)
By Jb on 06/17/24
Great experience

I have yet to shoot them. I have the gun range coming up soon and now we get to test them out. But I do enjoy the look of both. I like the way the 22 matches 12 gauge. The ejection port on the 22 was on the left side. Something I'm not used to but they look like solid guns. Very fast shipping overall. No hassle that came within. I think 3 days. If I remember Once I shoot The guns I will adjust review

By Daniel Angst on 06/06/24
way better than i could have imagined

honestly, I was extremely skeptical when I picked these up from my FFL just because of how light they were but after putting 100 rounds through the VR70 and 720 rounds through the TM22, I’m extremely impressed. unbelievably accurate and lightweight I will 100% be buying another combo.

User uploaded images:

By jerry galiley on 05/07/24
very satisfied !!!

2 4 the price of 1

By Bill Turner on 05/07/24
Received my order and was happy with my purchase. Have not went to the range or fired them as of yet.

Liked the product and would buy again.

By Daniel - Newer Gun Guy on 03/25/24
Best deal you can buy for entry level guns

Alright lets be honest....if you are here looking at these guns, in this bundle, at this price point... You arent looking for the best but you dont want the worst.. Somehow you stumbled upon bundle deals because why not.. Ill bet most of the uptight gun guys would pick these apart but if you are just getting into shooting and looking for something to just put some rounds down range this is it... and come on, they look cool!
NOW, here is my true and honest review because I havent shot enough to know better but ive shot enough to know decent vs good vs great guns.
These guns shoot very GOOD for the price point...
30+ rounds on the shotgun
100+ rounds on the 22
Will come back and update review if things take a turn.

AR styled shotgun is kind of what stood out to me, because I like to customize.
Lets start there.... within 3 rounds I quickly figured out this is THAT GUN you hand to your friends and go "HANG ON".
I work out pretty hard and do alot of physical activity...
Where I shoulder the gun, was bruised a few hours later (BARELY, but honest review)... LOL but I was hoping for something strong...
My buddies who have shot wayyyyyy more guns than I have, were pretty impressed on the power and SPREAD on this thing.
About 10-15 yards out I was putting Buckshot middle chest without hesitation.
Flip up sights are nice, because it gives you something to look at but this could easily be upgraded with a red dot and be complete.

NOW - The 22
Its a 22... if you have shot other guns this is literally a pee shooter.. I have a BB rifle that kicks harder than this.
With that being said, this thing is a laser! They actually upgraded the newer versions and they are SICK!!!
Kind of fun to shoot if you can get past the pee shooter aspect.
Great gun for kids to shoot or if you are taking a first time shooter and want to teach mechanics, great gun. Very easy to use.

Overall this bundle deal was worth it for me as good starter package into 2 types of guns I didnt own yet.
My method has always been by a cheaper version, play with it, understand it, decide if you truly like it....
So far... if they keep performing GOOD and few more trips to the range... I could be buying the upgraded NEWER versions of these guns.

By Geo B on 03/25/24
Buy Rock Island VR70 12 Ga Semi Auto 20" Barrel Brown AR12 AR-12 VR70DB Get a free Rifle.

Unbelievable value! The Rock Island VR70 is an awesome shotgun and the TN22 is a great little 22 for target, small game or varmint. Gunprime kept me up to date with the shipping information and progress. Good company with good prices. I have recommended them for my friends to check out. Grab this deal while you can.

By Dale J. on 03/08/24
I love the guns I got here.

The guns are perfect I love both the AR 12 Gage
And the AR 22

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By Very happy customer on 02/15/24
I received exactly what I ordered at a great price exactly when promised. A rare and appreciated event.

I have been shopping for a box-fed semi-auto shotgun for sometime and the VR70 met all my needs for a great price. The TM22 that came with hit has become a household favorite for plinking and shooting varmints.

By Rome on 02/05/24
Reliable and efficient

These riffles are very fun to shoot! I was able to shoot them right out of the packaging without cleaning them. Two hundred rounds so far with no issues! 10/10 I recommend

By Jim on 01/29/24
Both shot very well

Great deal for these. No problems with either one. My only comment would be the disassembly is a bit tedious

By Dale Smith on 01/26/24
Excellent weapons, I enjoy both very much.

Both weapons have a great point and shoot feel. No issues with either weapon. The BOGO program was an excellent idea. The .22 is a great starter gun for young people.

By KASHK CRUMBIE on 01/16/24
Outstanding weapons

Product are lovely, can’t wait to take them to the range. Would have like an update about the FLL transfer though. Overall great weapons

By Randy on 01/02/24
Overall process from start to finish was great!

Excellent products. Both the shotgun and the rifle perform excellent!! Highly recommend especially for the price.

By Pavzaq on 12/09/23
Excellent firearm combo

I have put about 100 rounds through both firearms; the shotgun is an excellent home defense weapon. The AR style 22 is fun to shoot.

By Sean W on 11/11/23
Incredible deal, delivery, & quality

Both of the guns were amazing.
They both came with 2 mags
And I was able to get a rebate for the extended mags for both guns as well!

User uploaded images:

By Steve on 11/07/23
Quick customer service. Fast shipping.

Good deal for the money. Really didn't need either gun, but two guns for that cheap couldn't say no. The 22lr is better than I thought it would be. The stock sight are cheap feeling, but they work. I put 100 rounds of cheap ammo through it and not a single problem. Holds a 2" group at 100 yards with junk ammo.
The shot gun I haven't shot a probably never will. Looks good in the safe. Lol

By Gman on 11/07/23
The buying and receiving product experience went very smooth.

I like the look and style of the VR 70 and AR style 22, and both shoot very well. I would buy from gun prime again.

By J. Carpenter on 11/05/23
RIA VR70 with free TM22 deal

Awesome deal, service was quick. Got it at my local FFL shop within a week. Can't wait to take it out this week and pew pew pew.

By Dan on 10/24/23
Lots of fun

It's a good time at a good price.

By Bentley Smart on 10/23/23
Excitement is an understatement

My buddy sent me this sale link a month before i was able to buy the gun combo. When i saw that it was still on sale i didn't hessite to pull the trigger per say ;) Ordered on a Friday and by the following Friday i was taking it home from the FFL. I haven't been able to shoot either gun with work in all but i am egger to do so and so are my shooting friends. Both Rock Island guns feel great when holding and the craftsmanship of both guns are very well built. I only with the 12g come with a 25rd drum and the 22LR come with 125rd drum. That way i would have to buy them next lol PEW PEW & THANK YOU!

By VR70 and TM-22 on 10/11/23
Bought them for the VR70 mainly

The shotgun is a fun gun to bring to the range. Zero isses with the VR70. The TM22 is a bit on the cheap side. The TM22 won't outlast a ruger 10/22. Too much plastic in important areas.

By Jim Floyd on 10/03/23
Great price and service

Great experience
Everything went as described

By Stan on 09/27/23
Super Fast Shipping

Awesome customer service. Lightning fast shipping. Great deal for two long guns. Can't find a better deal online. Have not fired them yet, but can't wait to do so.

By Valerie on 09/26/23
Good people at RIA

Great products with folks who are there to help. Easiest to reach via chat and email. But, they answered questions and went above and beyond. I'm happy

By Bengie on 09/26/23
Excellent value. Greet communication. Fast shipping.

Would buy again!

By Wy307 on 09/21/23

Great customer service. Quick shipping. Best price on this shotgun.

By HilltopHermit on 09/09/23
GUNPRIME is great. Shipped day after the order was placed. Instant communication for FFL receipt and email confirmation.

This pair is a limited edition and the .22 is basically free when comparing pricing to other VR series shotguns.
This color and furniture configuration are both unique and not listed as still in production.

It will take a few thousand rounds in each before I could review them for function and durability but there are many reviews on the Web and the Tube.

RIA is also running free mag promos on their website!

By utjazzjay56 on 08/27/23
RIA VR70 and TM22, .

Arrived w/out any problems, They look and feel great way better than expected, I haven't had a chance to take to the range but I am looking forward to going...

By GunJerm on 08/23/23
Not bad for less than $250/ea. in my hands.

New to RIA/arms or guns. Have never had an issue with their bullets. Pretty decent deal for the custom colored pair. Have yet to shoot either. Both seem well made and assembled.
Excited to put them on the line and see how they perform. All of the background review checking I did says I shouldn’t be disappointed.

By Harlan on 08/19/23
Great guns , great people to work with

Love my guns

By Jorge on 08/17/23
Great experience

First time buying drom Gunprime. Ordering was easy, competitive prices and quick shipping. Items arrived as describe and undamaged. Liked the feel of each gun.

By Prepper on 08/17/23
Great price, could not let this offer go

Just received Rifles, had not had a chance to use them yet

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